Drink Where Wyatt Earp Did Wooden Pin

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The owner of Shorty's may have changed over the years -- from human to demon to undead gunslinger -- but some things have always remained the same: the whiskey is strong, the beer is cold, and Wyatt Earp used to drink there.

In SYFY's Wynonna Earp, Shorty's Saloon is the gathering place of Purgatory's most famed residents. It's no surprise that legendary Marshall Wyatt Earp used to drink there while he was casting out demons, and also no surprise that his kin now does the same. Own a piece of this infamous location (in realistic wooden pin form) -- but make it quick, you never know who might show up and start a karaoke food fight, all-out brawl, or oddly contentious baby shower.

Laser engraved and made by hand from sustainably sourced cherry wood in the USA.

  • 2 1/2" wooden pin
  • Double metal clutch
  • Mounted on a Welcome to Purgatory backer card