Earper Mailbox Pin

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Sure, it occasionally gets attacked by revenants, demons, stalkers, goo versions of sisters, and creepy-ass (living?!) dolls. And yes, it is the home of reckless, cursed hero Wynonna Earp and her shotgun-happy sister, Waverly Earp. Of course, you can always expect a visit from Doc Holliday, Agent Dolls, Officer Nicole Haught, or just about any outcast in the Ghost River Triangle.

But the Earp Homestead is where all Earpers feel most at home. Show your Earper pride with this adorable Earper pin, designed to resemble the signature Earp Homestead mailbox.

If you do visit, please don't mess with the coordinated throw pillows. 


  • 30mm soft enamel pin
  • Single black rubber clutch
  • Mounted on a Welcome to Purgatory backer card