Vintage Haught Pin

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It all started with a broken beer tap, an empty bar, a disheveled bartender, and a Sheriff's deputy in a Stetson.

When Officer Nicole Haught ("Officer Haught... of course.") strolled into Shorty's bar to pick up Purgatory's most affable Earp sister, she was immediately an icon. Bold, funny, confident, and giving us all kinds of feelings in her Purgatory uniform and iconic Stetson hat. Now's your chance to pin down Purgatory's finest with this image of Officer Nicole Haught circa Season 1 of SYFY's Wynonna Earp, complete with her emblematic Stetson, ginger hair, and Waverly-Earp-smilin'-at-me-from-her-front-porch-heart-eyes.

Waverly Earp -- and the rest of us -- stood no chance.


  • 30mm soft enamel pin
  • Double black rubber clutch
  • Mounted on a Welcome to Purgatory backer card