Wynonna Earp Sign Wooden Pin

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This wooden pin is a collaboration with Joe (@FlailerOfAScot). Joe is the creator of the Wynonna Earp sign that has been embraced by the Earper community as well as the cast.  You can adorn yourself or your accessories (shirt, jacket, bag, holster, cowboy hat, oversized puffy coat that even Lady Gaga deemed 'too much') with the same sign.

Joe on what the sign means to him: "The sign means unity, and inclusion of the Deaf Community and our language. I’ve never seen a sign that was so embraced by the fandom and its cast. It means so much to me to know that many people use it to associate with Wynonna Earp and acknowledge my culture and language."

Laser engraved and made by hand from sustainably sourced cherry wood in the USA.

  • 1.5" wooden pin
  • Double metal clutch
  • Back is laser etched with our logo and Joe's twitter name
  • Mounted on a Welcome to Purgatory backer card