Wynonna Earp w/ Orange Glow Peacemaker Pin

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There are three Earp sisters.

Willa, the eldest.
Waverly, the youngest. The nicest person in Purgatory. (Officially, she got a sash.)
And Wynonna, the... the... The crazy chick with the gun.

This pin features fearsome, quippy Wynonna Earp, famed gunslinging lawman Wyatt Earp's granddaughter, aiming her trusty Peacemaker. This pin glows in the dark, the same orange her gun glows when she sends the revenants back to hell. 

  • 40mm soft enamel pin featuring eight colors
  • Double black rubber clutch
  • Peacemaker glows orange
  • Mounted on a Welcome to Purgatory backer card