Wynonna w/Donut Pin

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There are a few things in this world you can always rely on: the sun rises and sets, the tides roll high and low, the Star Wars franchise will put out some kind of movie each year regardless of necessity, and if you put a donut in front of Wynonna Earp, she's going to eat it.

This pin celebrates the very special relationship between SYFY's Wynonna Earp's titular character and Purgatory's donuts. No matter if she's relaxed, anxious, happy, sad, or filled with demon goo, Wynonna is always game for a tasty, circular, glazed-and-sprinkled treat. If you like Wynonna Earp (and we know you do, that's why you're here) and you also like donuts (which, of course, you do, because you're a living person), then you'll love this pin!

It's the only real reason she joined Team Shut Up And Do What He Says. Because sometimes, they get donuts.

  • 38mm soft enamel pin
  • Double black rubber clutch
  • Mounted on a Welcome to Purgatory backer card